South Carolina(New SC)

B.REAL ID CARD MATERIAL. Bendable, exactly the same material as the real ID.
C.MICRO PRINT. Super high quality clear micro print.
D.OVI HOLOGRAM. Detailed coloring matching OVI hologram.
E.SCANNABLE 1D 2D BAR CODE. Professionally matched, pass all scan verification system.

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How to spot a South Carolina Fake ID

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is making it easier to get a commercial driver’s license. Now, you can simply show your current ID and proof that you live in the state when applying for either type of CDLs online or by mail! The first time applicants will receive their licenses with copies laminated on both sides that include information about where they are supposed to be displayed while driving-whether it’s as an owner operator trucker or freight company executive managing base operations out east -and barcodes at back upper right corner showing this same iconography below heading.” In addition , temporary ones were also distributed before issuing full

Graphical features

  • On the right side of the card, there is a state capital building illustration.
  • The card also has a symbol of the heart that indicates the donor status.
  • The card has microprint of the cardholder’s mini and micro portraits.


  • OVI holograms- a repeating print of the South Carolina and the palmetto state is printed on the photo of cardholder which is at the right of the card.
  • The larger hologram displaying the south Carolina is printed under the main photo
  • There is a laser perforation on the card. A half-moon and a palm tree shape are printed with laser technology that displays when you place the card in front of the light.
  • All the credentials such as name and signature are engraved on the card using laser technology.
  • The state seal is given on the front that is its holographic OVI.


  • The state outline is printed using ultraviolet ink. It is visible when the card is placed under the backlight.


  • The card has both 1D and 2D barcodes. All the demographic information of the cardholder is stored in the 2D barcodes.


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