Arizona Fake ID


B.REAL ID CARD MATERIAL. Bendable, exactly the same material as the real ID.
C.MICRO PRINT. Super high quality clear micro print.
D.OVI HOLOGRAM. Detailed coloring matching OVI hologram.
E.SCANNABLE 1D 2D BAR CODE. Professionally matched, pass all scan verification system.
F.MAGNETIC BAR. Can be swipe, read and info matched. Pass all magnetic bar verification system.


Arizona Fake ID

  • Arizona Fake ID Arizonas map is printed on the photo that is perforated using laser technology.
  • The raised printing technology is used to print the tactile DOB.
  • The star and cactus symbol is an overlay.
  • Arizonas state outline overlapped with the main photo of the cardholder.
  • The IDs front is printed using the micro-printing technology.
  • There is the steal of Arizona at the card’s middle.
  • For any Arizona document that is titled Instruction Permit, Commercial Driver’s License, or Driver’s License, in E-Verify you will have to choose “Driver’s License” as the name of such document.
  • For any Arizona document which is tagged Identification Card, you are to choose “ID Card” as the name of that document in E-Verify.
  • In the state of Arizona, persons under the age of 21 are issued vertical driver’s licenses or ID cards while persons aged 21 and older are issued horizontal driver’s licenses and ID cards.
  • ID cards and driver’s licenses in Arizona have document numbers (these are the figures that are circled in the samples). This has nine figures consisting of an alphabet and eight numbers.
  • It was on the 28th of March, 2016 that Arizona started to issue ID cards and driver’s licenses bearing the present design.
  • You can check out the Arizona Department of Transportation Driver Services website for more details on Arizona ID cards and driver’s licenses.


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